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Why Issaplease?
Aside from the obvious adoration for everything 90’s (remember Amandaplease of All That?), “Issa, Please” is something I would frequently hear my mother say to me.
“Issa, PLEASE pick up your clothes from the floor.”
“Issa, PLEASE naman o!”
And so on… I was very hard headed. (snicker)

I wanted to name this blog after something that reminded me of my roots especially after bouncing between Little Black Sheep Fashion (thaaaat’s meeee!)and The Jean Louise.
My mother has always inspired me fashionwise- so I named this blog with her in my heart.
I love you, Ma!

Hi and welcome to my online blog/ portfolio!
My name is Jean Louise Perez but I go by Issa.
I live in the best city in the world, Cebu.
I’m a 22  year old Registered Nurse, currently working as Program Control Services for an international tech company and honestly, I am stuck in a rut.
My first love has always been fashion and I’ve dreamt of going to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (New York, USA) since I was 8.
I’ve been designing since then and I’ve been able to showcase a few of my designs for Bisaya Ispisyal and USA Sports, a small retail store in Cebu.
I’ve been exposed to fashion, retail and apparel since I was very young being born into a family of businessmen and women.
In due time, I will soon assist my family in our local garments company but ‘til then, I am trying to find my place in the world of street/ high fashion.

I deeply enjoy events and anything to do with marketing and management. I have worked with Summit Natural Drinking Water as their Events Manager and was able to conceptualize 3 events in my short time being with them. These events were: The Run for Youth, The Summit Tri- Series Challenge and The Summit 60k Ultra Marathon- these were indeed the best times of my life!

Aside from dressing up (which I often do in poor taste), I enjoy anything to do with art, hanging out , going on adventures and sports.
I have been diagnosed and undiagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse and sports was always the one thing I had to make me feel better- even when contraindicated.
I’ve been playing tennis since 4th grade and have joined a few inter-school competitions in my time.
I also enjoy other sports such as: badminton, swimming, soccer, biking, etc.
When I’ve finally recovered from my lazy streak- I will resume training for my first triathlon…
I promise!

If you will notice, I’m not very good with words. Oftentimes, I’ll talk in either running or broken sentences. Also, I am very sarcastic and odd. I have a very weird sense of humor but I hope that my put-down humor is at the least bit appealing to you.

I really do hope you like my blog but then again, don’t expect me to try too hard. Honestly, I’m really nonchalant (for the lack of other terms) but I still hope to appeal to a lot of readers.
It is fashion after all, it’s anything and everything.

P.S. I am possessed by a little boy. I like dressing like a boy and acting like one, too.
Rest assured, my boyfriend will tell you I’m all female.

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