Friday, December 28

Metallica ϟ

[Top: Thrifted; Pants: July; Flats: Follie]

Bad lighting but I tried my best!

My boyfriend has been giving me beef about buying these pants for quite a while now. I don’t know if a lot of girls do this but, I supposedly have a “list of clothes” that I have prioritized to buy. And then, by some miracle from God, in the middle of an ordinary lunch break *POOF* these metallic pants suddenly appear in my hands out of nowhere! [And we don’t tell our boyfriends’ how much then cost or else we’re dead] And then I have to worry about what shoes and what top to wear with it because it’s a bit too daring even for my weirdness.

And since this was on Christmas, I decided to put them on because I didn’t want our Christmas tree to be the only thing that was shining!

But I Google searched metallic pants and found these, now I’m not feeling so bad :D

Mabye I should've saved these pants for the New Year.  Oh well.


  1. Those pants are awesome. I have a pair myself. :)

  2. Thanks! Just out of curiosity... what'd you pair it with?