Wednesday, January 16

8 Ironies

Coat: WAGW; Scarf: Inc. Beach; Dress: SM Kids’ Department; Sandals: Azaleia; Bracelet: Graffities]

1.       I like wearing layers on top of layers, jackets, scarves, stockings and boots. All PERFECT for this tropical weather.

2.       This dog’s name is Barbie. My other dogs name is Meow.
3.       The only reason why I bought this dress is because it reminded me of my Kindergarten uniform (George Washington Elementary School), funny how I remember this when I was only there for 6 months.
4.       I would’ve worn this dress with purple flats and stockings…

5.       But if you look closely, you will see that I had to wear open toed shoes because there is plaster on my big toe.
6.       I ripped it open from WALKING to the ATV. And all the while, Paolo was afraid I would die riding it.

7.       My scarf, which is made for the  cold months was made by Inc. Beach…
8.       This SIN TAX bill is killing me. And I am running out of nails to chew on. 8-)

Not a happy camper,

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