Saturday, January 12


1. White shirt// 2. Shorts// 3. Sneakers// 4. Extra Slippers// 5. Water// 6. Cap// 7. Small but handy bag (enough to hold money, phone and/or camera, etc.)// 8. Sun Block// 9. Staple SINULOG whistle (WITH feathers// 10. Wet Wipes)

Sinulog is so close that I can literally hear it... now... as we speak. Traffic has already started in the metro and everyone I know is getting jittery over which henna tattoo they're going to get over the weekend. Yep, feels like Sinulog to me!

I've stopped going for the street dances and ditched them for the street parties and if you've decided to do the same, here is my survival guide to dressing up for Sinulog:

Top: It's been a custom to get down and dirty at the street parties. I'm talking poster paint and the occasional Boysen paint on your face, your clothes, on your thighs- EVERYWHERE. A lot of Cebuano's have decided to invest on buying custom made Sinulog shirts but since I'm too cheap to buy a new shirt to ruin, me and Paolo have decided to buy department store shirts and cut them up ourselves. But if you're too lazy, here's one top that I recommend:
Let The Mayhem Begin via

Bottoms: I really do suggest wearing shorts to beat the heat and hassle when you're out partying on the streets. Also, it makes a good excuse to bust out those tie-dyed shorts that have been all the rave lately. NO TO PANTS- unless you're Issa and you aren't allowed to wear anything else. fml, right?

As for your shoes, it's always best to wear sneakers since you're most likely to get stepped on. But it's always safe to have extra slippers in case. 

Only only bring what you need. Nobody wants to party with a chunky bag to take care of. Money, phone, camera, water- CHECK, CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK!'

I don't like putting sun block on. I honestly hate it! But it's what's best for our skin so I try to abide at least once a year ;) I also like to hit the streets with a baseball cap and/ or shades. Never at the same time- preference, I suppose.

Sinulog is never complete until I am fully equipped with a customized Sinulog whistle: whistle, feathers and gold sequins. It's impossible to miss these babies since they're everywhere and only run up to P50.00. If anyone tries to sell it to you for more, it's either they've become victims of SIN TAX or you my friend, have been terribly ripped off!

Those are my Sinulog dressing tips. What are yours? :)