Saturday, February 9

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Ruffled Blazer: Loalde| Aztec top: Thrifted| Romper used as pants: Gaisaon Tabunok| Wedges: Schu| Watch: Geneva

I seriously think that I am never going to wear these rompers they way they were made to be worn ever again! Haha.
I honestly think that deciding to wear them as pants was one of the smartest things I‘ve done because this way, I can wear my crop tops to work without having to worry about showing skin.
Also, I think it’ll come in handy one day when I have to transition from day to night events. All I’d have to do is whip off my top and I’ll be ready for a night out anywhere!

I think it’s important to have a fair share of jackets and blazers in your closet. They always have a way of turning anything from drab to fab! Plus, in instances like mine, it’s easier to get away with wearing an Aztec patterned top and wedges with ducks on them!

Yes, there is a duck on my shoe!

Have a good one!
-   Issa

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