Thursday, February 14

I Wouldn't Mind Dreaming 100 Years With You

My Valentines went a little differently than planned this year...
I initially thought that Paolo had saved all the sappy sweet stuff for the weekend since we both found ourselves caught up with work. And since I would never pass up the chance to surprise him such an occasion, I dressed up, got my nails done (according to theme. lol) and bought the boy bacon roses. Yes, you read me right, bacon roses. (Thanks, Justinne!)

But little did I know, Paolo also had something up his sleeve... He totally surprised the heck out of me with a candle light dinner with white wine to top everything off! Definitely caught me off guard since I had imagined a night of bumming around and watching animated movies. Goodness...

Paolo made me Carbonara, Salmon, his infamous Caesar salad and white wine that kept cheering to! He even put on a suit and everything. *so in loveee*

With my favorite person in the whole world! :)

Honestly, I don't think I am the hopeless romantic type... anymore. I don't dream of a prince in his shining armor nor do I long for someone to stand outside my window with songs blasting out of a boombox. I kinda just believe in falling in love and making something out of that. I think I like the idea of being in love and staying in love more, actually.

But I guess Paolo thinks I deserve more than that :)

I love you, sweetheart!


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