My favorite thing about The Chillage, and I’m pretty sure along with everyone else, was their Fun room. I honestly didn’t think that place could get any more pimped out than it already was but it did, and it came in the form of a swing… in the middle of the room!

Foodwise, I died over their Spinach and Cream Cheese chips and dip that cost us P90.00. I’ve always been pretty picky when it comes to food and I admit, on most days I can’t distinguish the difference between salt and sugar but those chips and dip, I swear, I could eat every single day! I was really lucky to have Justinne around because she’s the foodie and she claims that there is nothing in this world that she wouldn’t at least try once so, I always run to her for advice when it comes to impressing my palate. And guess what, she liked the dip too, which means I can go on and on and continue loving it forever. Yey me!

Aside from that, we also got a Taparoni which was a beef tapa macaroni with red sauce and cheese. I don’t think I have ever ate tapa and I don’t usually like macaroni either but this one, I liked. I think I even ate more than Justinne did, which was pretty embarrassing of me. But she was gracious enough to let me pig out and listening to how amazed she was at how the beef was minced instead of grounded was pretty interesting- if I only knew what the difference meant. HAHA.

Well, I’m not really going to expound much on the food or the menu or what I think about the prices because honestly, you shouldn’t take my word for it. I enjoyed the ambience and the cool glasses they served us and those jelly balls that I kept playing with, which is really the most you’re going to get out of me for a restaurant review. I’m no expert, so I’m going to leave this part up to Justinne, someone who actually knows what she’s talking about.

Click here for Justinne’s version of When Food & Fashion Meet I

Take it away, Love!

Thank you to Bea Borja and Nikki Ring for being so accommodating and for the awesome experience. See you soon

Til the next series of “When Food and Fashion Meet”,
Issa Perez