Sunday, March 24

A Little Short on Summer

One last work outfit! Or not...

Top: Thrifted| Skirt: Thrifted| Stockings: Burlington| Wedges: Thrifted| Accessories: Aizilym| Ipod watch strap: iWatchz

Fun fact: this skirt was originally a long flowy 50's inspired skirt that I had altered. Of course, at the time, skater skirts were not as trendy as they are now so I guess keeping this in my closet was a good idea. ;)

I'm in love with the whole skater skirt trend and I think they look great with sweaters or chiffon blouses! I used to say that I wasn't a fan of following trends at their peak but these skirts are too trendy that I'm having trouble straying away from it. Just a word of advice, cycling shorts are your best friends. Don't be a stranger. ;)

On another note, I really wish that I didn't' have to wear stockings to work but since I do, I refuse to settle for anything less than these Burlington stockings. Almost everyone in my work uses them and now  I know why. They're really good quality stockings and you can tell right away just from the looks of it.

How do you like this look?

Happy Sunday, everyone!



  1. love your top, Twin! :)
    I used to feel skater skirts or anything of that cut makes petite people like me look like kids but now Im having 2nd thoughts. I just have to nail that damn skirt :))

    1. Twin! :) I wore a skater skirt the last time we hung out. Unfortunately, we didn't get our outfit shots then :( We didn't even get one of yours. Sayang, cuz I loved what you were wearing sad!

      Let me know when you finally decide to give skater skirts a shot! I know you'll look great, as always!