Thursday, March 14

I Murdered Barbie

Surprised? So was everyone else!

I'm not the girliest girl in the fashion scene. I sport heavy blacks on most work days and I'll wear heels once in a while... if I can ever find a pair to fit my tiny feet.
So when I came to work in an all pink ensemble, almost everyone noticed.
Talk about an eye sore!

I started out with the hot pink skirt that I've kept for a while now. I'm not a fan of it to be honest, but it makes good for office days when I'm running out of things to wear. The color is so bright and distracting, so I decided to lighten up the rest of my look by wearing softer shades of pink.

I opted to wear gold flats and accessories because I've always felt like gold matched pink well. I hope I'm right!

Knit Cardigan: Moms| Floral Tanktop: Thrifted| Pencil Skirt: Robinsons Department Store| Gold flats: GAP

Accessories: Aizilym

Don't ask me for the reason behind the sudden change in color preference- I don't know either. Hopefully, this is the start of a color love affair :)

How do you like the change?


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