Monday, March 18

It’s Summer Time, I’m Feelin’ Fine

Yep, it’s definitely summer. I’m sweating as we speak and the purpose of my work jacket is officially obsolete [but I have to wear it anyways because of the dress code X_x]
I badly wish my office would allow us to come to work in something summery for once because Summer 2013 is in full bloom and it is scouring hot!
‘Til then, allow me to lust over my official first summer outfit for 2013 :)

Cut out top: Topshop| Shorts: Red Girl| Hat: Cebu Pasalubong Center| Ribbon bracelet: Graffities Cebu| Flats: SM Department Store| Necklace: Aizilym Enterprises

This is a pretty beachy outfit and I normally wouldn’t be caught dead in something as revealing as this. But it was a really hot day and I was about ready to jump into the pool so please pardon the tummy slip. @.@

I can’t wait to take this top out again to show you how to wear it with something more “formal” or everyday appropriate. I’ll need to get a blazer and some nice heels first, though. Things that have been long overdue on my must buy list.

What are you summer plans?


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