Tuesday, March 12

L'Oreal Brandstorm

Hey guys!
L'Oreal is looking for a new set of brand ambassadors!

A very good friend of mine, Kate Velasquez, along with her 2 friends are representing De La Salle University  in hopes of competing all the way in Paris (mon cherrie! Ok, I just watched the Silver Linings Playbook so acca-scuse me!) for the international finals!

She's a part of Team Audacity who describes themselves as "very open-minded, who build on each other’s strengths. They put all their ideas on the table and criticize each one, no hard feelings if one’s idea will not be used. They work well because the know when to push each other and when they should all take a break. Which in the end, keeps their sanity in tact :)"

For this photo entry, they were asked to describe their team, in 3 words that best depicts them...

Open-minded, Adventurous and (sometimes) Silly

Yep, that's pretty much the Kate that I've come to know and love!

Help them reach their dreams and represent our beautiful country by liking their picture through this link:

Thanks a bunch, guys!

And good luck, Kate! I know you guys are going to do well! 


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