Monday, March 4

WIW for When Food & Fashion Meet II

Hey everyone! I have recently discovered that I can actually blog at work! I guess this means that I'm going to be a bit more active from now on since I basically do nothing for 9 hours. Hooray for me!

V-neck: Bench| Leggings: Forever 21| Combat boots: Thrifted
So here's what I wore to the second entry of When Food & Fashion Meet with Justinne.

I decided to wear something comfortable and in white since I didn't want to feel all stuffy and white is always my safety blaket for all my fashion dillemas.

I'm still a bit confused as to what to wear with these leggings although, killer heels and a crop top (ok NEVER a crop top) or some silhouette top would definitely do the trick. Guess I'll have to wait a few months before I wear them out again. #fashionbloggerproblems

I apologize for looking so grumpy in these photos. I tend to get like that in the mornings especially when the maid (yes, my yaya shoots for me) takes photo over endless photo. I need a tripod and a REAL camera ASAP!

I purposely opted not to wear any jewelry on this day since I was going accessory shopping anyways. I wanted to take after photos with the stuff I got that would match what I was wearing. But then... I got lazy and downtown really did get the best of me.

Hope you've checked out this months feature. If you haven't, click here:


  1. Love this! Barbie's so gorgeous! Pang fashion blogger sad sya nga dog! :))