Saturday, April 27

I Soar Like An Eagle & I've Got Arms Of A Man

"I'm like a bird I only fly awaaaay"

[Top: Fashion Diary| Pants: Jag Jeans| High tops: Reva]

One of my insecurities? My arms.
Years of tennis, swimming and volleyball have permanently manifested on my body.

As you can see, I am, yet again wearing my favorite red sneakers that my sister gave me for my 22nd birthday. I cannot stop wearing them because 1. they're comfortable 2. they're stylish 3. I'm pretty sure my sister got them for cheap! (hint, hint: P600.00) Ohh, I love a good deal. :)

One essential item that's been on my summer fashion "must haves" have been muscle tees. If it's not called a muscle tee then a regular t-shirt cut at the sleeves. (ok, I just came back from Google and I'm prettyy sure it's called a muscle tee!)

I'm a little top conscious so muscle tees keep me covered without compromising my comfort from the exhausting heat of the sun. Plus, they're so badass- I absolutely love it!

If you're also top conscious like I am, muscle tees and bandeau's should be your best friends. Bandeau's are versatile, it will suffocate you to no end but it does a good job. ;) Can I get an amen?

On a side note, I'd like to wish my dear friend and annoying cube mate, Anne, farewell and good riddance! (just kidding!) The Papa Joe fans club will surely miss you and well, the two months I have left will surely be a lot more quiet without you around.

Good luck with your new found life and of course, to love!
I heard it makes us do the craziest things!

What are you willing to do for love?


P.S. I'll be changing domains again (for the LAST time, I swear!) watch out for a new issaplease in the days/ weeks to come!


  1. I really dont see anything wrong with the arms! 0.o
    Tell me where Reva is, Iss! Point me to the...

    1. When we go on a date, I shall show you the wonderful way! And the arms are humongous!!