Friday, December 21


For the sake of not wanting to waste a perfectly good outfit and because I have very good friends who agreed to take my outfit shots, I shall post these pictures. But do know that I was  "this” close to not posting it. Why? Because the angles are all wrong. I’m very short, so any decent picture of mine is one taken closest to the ground. The closer the photographer is to the ground, the taller I’ll look otherwise, I’m a little lost puppy dog. But I do appreciate the effort that my friends put into trying to take my photographs so this is definitely going up! Especially since this is the first outfit shot I took after a very long time hence, the awkward poses.

Remember what I said about cardigan repeating? Taadaa. And it’s still the second post! No shame, it’s a very comfortable!

[Gold blazer: Thrifted; Polo shirt: Men’s Department; Red Pants: It Park Bazaar; Gold Flats: Old Navy; Necklace: H&M]

In my previous post, I mentioned about not being able to wear flats with my salmon pants because of its hem. However, with these pants, I am able to do so because of the “skinny” jeans cut which suits it perfectly. So I always try to take advantage of pants like these especially when I run out of skinnies and am compelled to wear heels to work. Luckily, the farthest I ever have to walk is from my cube to the pantry! ;)

What do you think of my Santa Claus pants?

Merry Christmas, Everybody!



  1. i love your red pants! babe, how can i follow your new blog?

    1. Oh my goodness! I want to know how to the very same thing! Has blogger changed since the last time I've been here? I don't know how to use it anymore :(