Wednesday, January 23

As Grey As A Goose

[Top: Thrifted; Skirt: DIY, Black Flats: SM Department Store]

Grandmothers like to spoil their grandchildren.
Give you cookies,
Never get mad at you,
And gets you things your parents usually say “No” to.
Unfortunately, I am not your grandmother… I just look like one.
So the cookies are all for me,
I’ll b*tch at you when I want to

*Insert evil grin here*

Being naturally evil, I’d like to share how I evil-y forced our sastre to make this skirt for me. I literally begged and pleaded for her to make it out of extra cloth we had in the storage which was originally meant to be for t-shirts. I’m so bad. Haha


I know they tell short girls not to wear full length skirts cuz it cuts a few inches out of our already towering heights but, it’s so comfy and well, I couldn’t resist it. I’d suggest wearing sky high heels when opting for skirts this long but I didn’t- I’m in flats. It was my “chill” day. I felt like the bomb.


*Props to Tara Rose Donayre for these photos*


  1. This is so Olsen twins! I've been meaning to wear this kind of look but haven't found the perfect white shirt, yet.

    1. This shirt costs me like 10 or 30 pesos ra, Chy. What are you waiting for? LET'S GO SHOPPING NA,PLEASE!!