Thursday, January 24

Sinulog 2013

[White DIY shirt: Carter (P 150.00); Shorts: Folded and Hung; Leather bag: Saki]


And from these two crazy boys…


I don’t have a whole lot of Sinulog pictures. Yeah, I think I’m smarter than that. I don’t think I was willing to risk breaking my phone and the closest thing I have to a decent camera even for Sinulog. But I am proud to say that I stuck by that decision even when I was drunk and apparently, according to my friends, dancing to no music at all! HAHA.

Sinulog has definitely gotten bigger this year. The streets were more crowded and I hardly recognized anybody- but you know what they say, the bigger the better (more friends to make)! And since I wasn’t able to run into my barkada during the festivities, I stuck with Paolo and his friends from Manila and Cagayan- I’m pretty sure we showed them a good time ;)


Look who I met! And we’re still clean!

And then suddenly…


I’m pretty sure Sinulog’s been all the rave on like… every-single-networking-site so instead, I’m going to let my pictures do the talking. You can obviously tell that things went down that night. Haha.

I honestly think that I’ll be good for one more cray-cray mardi gras before I decide to hang my Sinulog whistle in a nice tidy corner (literally). But ‘til then, Sinulog 2013 was the bomb and if you haven’t partied Cebuano style, well, I don’t need to try convince you. You probably already died of jealousy already. Haha.

To next Sinulog and to Cebu!