Saturday, January 26

Styling For iFeet

Top: Papaya| Tulle leggings: iFeet| High tops: Reeva

A couple of Saturdays ago, I was invited by iFeet's Jake Laude and Chesca Lu to help out with make up and styling for their 13th collection. I work with Jake and he's practically a brother to me, name calling aside (YO WADDUP, DUUDE!! lol), and I absolutely adore iFeet so my response to this invitation was definitely a no brainer.

Being on a "shorts ban" wasn't such a bad thing on this day cuz I got to whip out my tulle skirt that I've been dying to wear for ages. It was perfect for moving around and running from room to room in between shots plus, I think I looked fuhn-keeeey!

I was really glad to have found this particular piece since it put a really fun twist to the whole silhouette trend that I found to be... too girly for my liking. Hooray for mixing things up! ;)

Here are pictures from that wonderful day:

What I like to call "Organized Chaos"

Putting pins on Rai

I'm no make up artist but I've been to a few classes and youtube has educated me well. In my free time, I enjoy make overs with friends and I have done a few shoots in college. I think this is the only girly thing about me- my love for everything make up! :)

Isn't she gorge??
With Chesca and Rai

I'm the flash!

Check out iFeet's 13th collection here 

Thanks Jake and Chesca! 'Til next time!

Issa, the graphospasmic girl @.@

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