Monday, January 7

Babe For Food, Dressing For Smurfs

Before the year ended, I met up with a very dear friend of mine, Justinne Go (aka your BFF in Cebu dinning, the babe for food) for a day of laughs and serious planning.

Luckily enough, she agreed to take my outfit shots and of course, it’s Justinne so I can be my naturally crazy self which explains pictures likes these:

 [Top: IT Park Bazaar, Under Shirt: Thrifted, Pants: Tickled Pink; Shoes: Given]

[Arm Party: Silver heart bracelets: Mom; Brown bracelet: From Alex Ong Oh; Watch: Fossil; Aquamarine necklace worn as bracelet: Forever21]

I was really excited to take this top out after finding it at the IT Park annual Christmas bazaar. I was attracted to the vintage design and the crop cut which, although is already as good as dead, I decided to revive.  And since I wore it to work, I decided to wear it with an undershirt that somehow matched the print of my top and a scarf to mute out the loud print (because I broke the dress code, yet again). On any other day, I would’ve worn this top with high waist shorts and loafers. But then I’d have to get myself high waist shorts first. Meh, I never caught on to that trend- bad me.

 And then there was the picture that made me realize I badly need a haircut. HAHA.

I’m really excited to tell all of you about a collaboration that Justinne and I will be venturing into. What do you think about Fashionable Cooking? Teehee. Although I can’t divulge all the details just yet, I think it would be safest to say that you’ll probably be getting a good laugh from watching me “try” to cook. But then again, I’ll look good doing it ;)