Friday, February 15

A New Online Shopping Experience: Zalora Philippines

I first heard about Zalora from Ashley Rivera, aka Petra Mahalimuyak, on youtube. I believe that we shared the same sentiments on online shopping as to the fact that, I don't online shop. Well, did not anyways.

But thanks to the ever curious cat in me, I decided to give Zalora a try! Amazingly, it wasn't like any of the other online stores I've been to before. Well what can you expect, it is Asia's Biggest Online Fashion Store, afterall.

On the very top of the page, it basically tells you everything you need to know. Cash on delivery, Free shipping, etc. - very basic answers to the very essential questions every online shopper needs to know before she even considers shopping online!
Then there's the the very informative side bar that makes navigating super easy!

I'm a bit of an organize junkie so the fact that they've got every single detail down to a T is really icing on top of the cake. If I want to look at shoes- click! Oops, changed my mind, I think I'll look at dresses instead- no problem, CLICK! This is literally what goes on in my head whilst browsing.

Once you've decided which category you want to look up, they also make it easier with the drop down menu as to your budget, brand, size, etc! They've got a lot of local and international brands, as well, which makes your online shopping all the more exciting. My favorite brand that Zalora caters to would definitely have to be Shuesh which sells make up brushes and accessories- you should definitely check it out!

But really, online shopping has never been this easy! Ditch the online shopping forms, the tiring lines at the bank to make a payment, the sketchy (and not to mention scary) meet-ups and not getting your moneys worth- officially has my vote!

Check out my top 10 choices below:

 [Click the pictures to be directed to items on

Sign up for Zalora now and get a P250.00 voucher just for signing up! Plus, don't miss out on their SALE!

Do you shop at Zalora? How do you find your shopping experience?
Let me know through the comments below! :)



  1. I'm also not an online shopper but since you are now, I am, too! You're my ultimate fashion guru so you're the only one I trust on fashion decisions. Great post, love! I wouldn't be surprised if you're the next Zalora ambassador! ;)

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

  2. One of many advantages of online shopping is you can get products at the most affordable prices plus the variations of each products like color and sizes. Online shopping Philippines are just starting so we better watch out what other website can offer.

    1. Will be checking that out! :) thanks for the reply. Online shopping is really breaking through.

  3. Very true online shopping has become a bit of a phenomenon every where people prefer to shop onlinethese days.
    Its more easy and has more benefits with too many deals and discount these days.

  4. Yeah, I totally agree with this. Yet, there are so many online stores in the Philippines who offer great deals but beware of those scams as they are also dominating the internet.

  5. online shopping is a new trend today. a new site launched is

  6. yay zalora is indeed a big online shop. tried it once with my keds. good service though a bit long lead time. but all in all it is great. thanks

    online deals

  7. In terms of fashion senses, Zalora is the number one site for it. There are so many great deals in the Philippines; you can also try them aside from Zalora.

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