Monday, February 18

Introducing: The Cooking Fashionistas Vlog Series

What did I wear to the very first shoot of The Cooking Fashionistas with Justinne?

White polo: Thrifted| Patched leggings: H&M| Flats: Follie| Bracelet: H&M| Shades: Gift from work

Something comfortable and chic, of course!

So what exactly is the The Cooking Fashionistas?
Since Justinne and I have already covered Cebu’s Secrets on our When Food and Fashion Meet blog series, we’ve decided to come up with a cooking and DIY vlog for your entertainment!
This project is something we’re both really hyped and blessed about at the same time since we got Ejay Williams on board for the pilot episode. He’s really great at his craft plus, he was kind enough to let us crash his place and shoot there, as well.

In a nutshell:
Justinne will cover food (wherein she’ll be teaching me how to cook food since I know squat!) while,
I’ll be teaching her how to spice up her wardrobe through DIY’s and what not!

For the complete lack of common sense, yes, let me emphasize that I did wear white that day. I’m a genius.

What did I know?

Please catch The Cooking Fashionistas this week!

cooking fashionistas.jpg



  1. ngayon alng ako ulit nakadalaw sa blog mo

  2. Awesome post, ms. genius! :))

    Looking forward to the release of our pilot episode and more to come! :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Hey love! Me too! Super excited to see the video! hahaha