Thursday, April 4

Dumaguete Day 1

Ahoy, Mateys! I'm finally back from my week hiatus. I'm fully charged and... will be on my way to Bohol by the end of the day.

It really does feel like summer!
As you all know (or don't), I was in Dumaguete over the holy week spending quality time with the fam bam.

It's a beautiful place with beautiful people and if you're looking for the chill life, then that's exactly where you are going to find it.

I'll be honest, I'm a city girl at heart. My first memories were in Dallas, Burbank and San Jose- all cities or far from a province. And I made my best memories here in Cebu. So I'm a stranger to the province life without the hustle and bustle.

If any one saw me there and found me too loud or too fast, that was me being a Cebuana. Loud. Teehee. Sorry!

Muscle tee: Artwork| Black Canvas shorts: Forever21| High tops: Reva| Shades: Rayban

We spent most of our first day eating and touring the town proper. There wasn't much to do since it was the holy week and stores were closed so we took advantage of the delicious food there and the park-life. And not to mention the tricycles!!

Here's basically what we did

Casava cake and Red Velvet Cake

My papa loved the casava cake so much that we had to order an entire box! My mom liked the spaghetti and I liked everything I could get my hands on.
Plus, the quaint art gallery right across the street from there. :)

2. Ate at KRI [thanks to the quasiwriter, Jedd Uy!]

I promised a friend that my trip to Dumaguete would not be over until I got to take a trip to a restaurant named Kri that he spoke so highly of.

He swore by their burgers and being a burger enthusiast myself, I couldn't pass down a good burger!

Here's a picture of my papa, my sister and I:

Because they had paintings of this little boy EVERYWHERE and they were soo enticing.


'Til day 2!

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  1. I love Dumaguete. its funny cos we really dont have any relatives there, but we keep visitng it like 3x a year when we look for a weekend getaway with family. You shoulda come to Gabbys bistro, youll love it there Im sure, very pop art :) I love your sneaks, mine na.