Saturday, April 13

Like A King

To more beach days, cool fruity drinks and wonderful company- particularly family!

A couple of months ago, when I received the amazing news that I passed the board exams, my parents decided that it was about time we spent some quality time and a well deserved break... and where else better to go to but the BEACH!?

They decided to vacay schmacay at Imperial Palace, an AMAAZING beach resort in Mactan, Cebu that is known for their water parks and countless activities that are absolutely DOPE. [feeling a little gangstah right now, so what? lol]

Meet my family:

Friends, meet my mom, my younger older sister, Casey and my normal self.

My beautiful parents, Cathy and Lander. Obviously, you can see where I got my cookyness from. This is a normal picture- believe me, there are worse ones. lol

[Neon colored crop top: Papaya| Butt short shorts: Thrifted| Ribbon bracelet: Graffities Cebu| Flip flops: Knock off Havaianas]

[Bikini: Rip Curl]

With my baby brother by the, what I liked to call, the Toilet Bowl slide. I can proudly say that I know what it feels like to be a fish flushed down the toilet!

Here are some pictures of their amenities that I got off the internet. I wasn't able to get decent shots of the place since it is best in an aerial view. So here are better shots instead:

photos linked accordingly.

I'm rush blogging right now since the boyfriend is out sick. I realize that I haven't been so keen on content lately nor on blogging, in general and I promise to make up for it soon.

Hang in there, guys. And have a good summer!



  1. Happy to find my photo here. :)

    Congrats on passing the board exam. Imperial Palace is definitely the place to celebrate at!

    1. Thanks for letting me keep it up here :)

      See you around! Love your blog name! Hehe