Sunday, May 26

1 Word: Boots!

I am in love and I'm going to rub it in everyone's face!!!!

Introducing my new pair of boots. I think I'm going to name them. Ok, it's not so much of a thought as it is a fact because in fact, I have already named them. Say hello to Jimmy- after the fish I caught the other day at D'Pond (post coming soon).

Aren't they lovely??

And a flying f*ch to anyone who thinks otherwise!
(Thanks, Eden for encouraging me to put this PG picture up. Still not as badass as you are, though. sigh)

Shades: Oakley c/o The III| Military Jacket: Thirfted| Floral dress: July| Stockings: Burlington| BOOTS: KICKS

I fell in love with these boots the milisecond I laid my 4 eyes on them. My sister and I walked right in front of them one Sunday afternoon while we were walking around SM Department Store because that place NEVER lets us down.

She and I have been looking for Doc Marten's for the longest time but always felt that we would never be able to find them in Cebu and also, we're broke. She's 14 and I pay rent- I think that explains a lot.
However, these are not Doc Marten's but they're pretty close to the real thing for a quarter the price. I got these babies for P800.00- talk about a steal.

They're actually 2 sizes too big for me but they're my sisters' size and we decided on sharing them. You read that right, I'm a size 5 and she's a 7. I'm glad I got them a size bigger though cuz they're not to stuffy to put on and walk around in.

What do you think? Check out KICKS here and get your own pair!

Issa, please

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  1. My sister and I have been thinking of getting one too! The cheapest replica I found was 1500+! Checking out the link noooow! Yay thanks for sharing!