Sunday, May 26

I Love SM Department Store... But Not As Much As SM Loves Meee

This is my official entry to SM Department Stores' LOVE TO SHOP "Fashion Finds Blogging Contest"

I've always been an SM Department Store girl. And although I've always been the thrift shoppingaholic, I occasionally pamper myself with first hand, chic and inexpensive finds. And my go to place? Always SM Department Store. 

As I've said in my previous post, 

"...SM Department Store because that place NEVER lets us down."

SM Department Store became my refuge particularly when I started working. Since I walk to the office, I was constantly on the lookout for shoes I could wear on a daily basis that wouldn't break the bank while giving me that fashionable feel I'm always looking for. And if you follow my ramblings, you will without a doubt, testify that I'm always raving about the wonderful shoes I've purchased from them over the months.

I think they've done me good. Hence posts like these:

I religiously wear these shoes to no end and people are always fascinated at the prices that I've got them for. I mean, look at these babies, they are absoultely adorbs!

I'm a big fan girl of SM Department Store mainly because of it's versatililty. Over the years that I've been blogging, my looks have not only been completed but also glamorized by the awesome things I've picked up along the way from my frequent visits to their outlets. 

If I was feeling rebellious, adventurous, feminine or even weird- I knew I could always count on my favorite shoes to complete my looks. All of which have been purchased at none other than SM Department Store! 

When it comes to their clothes, they've got every style for every type of girl. The list of brands that perch their pretty racks are always up to date, durable (yes, because THAT does matter) and affordable. I'm a sucker for the brands they exclusively cater to which makes every trip to SM Department Store one worth it's while. And although I'm not quite the "accessory" type of girl, I'm constantly raiding my mom's collection which she has SM to thank for.

When the tingbits (cheap side of me) Issa comes out to play and I'm in dire need of a fashion fix, I can always rely on SM Department Store to provide me with the right stuff on a friendly budget. And in all it's glory, I've even convinced Paolo to shop there with me.

Check out our SM Department Store bought shirts that we DIY-ed for Sinulog: 

Among all the millions of reasons why I love shopping at SM Department Store, one of the top reasons would have to be because their style in timeless. 

I'm particularly attached to this dress because (as I've stated in this post), it fondly reminds me of my Kindergarten uniform back in the day. Who would've thought that I'd find a dress like this and turn it into something modern and cute? That's SM Department Store for you!

Check them out at: 


  1. God bless, love! Great post, fun read! Really hope you win! :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

  2. meron pa po kayang boots sa kicks yung katulad sayo na black? :) gusto ko din sana <3 :)